National Association Of Naval Photography(TM)

Membership in NANP is based on a simple criteria, are you now or have you ever been associated with Naval Photography. IAW our bylaws, “Any person, military or civilian, who has been closely associated with any Military Photographic unit or organization ashore or afloat, and desires to further the interests of Naval Photography is eligible for membership.”

Membership for ACTIVE DUTY is FREE as long as you are on Active Duty.
Once you separate or retire we’ll start collecting dues but until then it’s on the house.

Photomate Database

This is one of the primary reasons this site exist. We try to maintain an accurate list of past and present members of the photographic community. This is not limited to NANP Members. This list is for anyone that has ever served in a photographic unit, regardless of rank, rate, civilian, reserve or active duty. If you were a storekeeper attached to FAPL Barbers Point in 1956 we want your name in this database!  Everyone is welcome as long as you have an affiliation with Naval Photography, past or present.

NANP Member and PH Database Lists

We are fully committed to maintaining the privacy of any information (‘personal data’) provided to us by both members and non-members. We want to ensure that such data is held securely, used appropriately and only retained for as long as is necessary. For that reason, the NANP Member and PH Database lists are no longer available to the general public for download.

If you desire access to either the NANP Member or PH Database list in order to find shipmates or conduct association business, please contact the NANP Webmaster or the NANP Database Manager via the Contacts Page. After verifying the validity of your request, the appropriate list will be emailed to you.


For membership, please fill out and submit a Membership Application using either the online application or print and mail in the application. Click on the appropriate button below.

For Retired/Veteran paid memberships, please use the below PayPal links below or send a check to our Secretary/Treasurer, Samuel Trice.

Samuel V. Trice, Jr., Treasurer
4415 Victoria Park Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90019-4209

Lifetime Membership is $125.00

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1 Year Membership is $25.00

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