Courtesy of Harry Kidd, PH2 1963-1970

Former US Navy Photographer (June 1963 to December 1970) Harry Kidd is an avid photographer and photographic researcher. He spends countless hours combing the National Archives in search of historic military photographs, posting them on his Flickr page, collated in albums by subject matter and events.

A subject near and dear to his heart, Harry also collects historic photos of Navy Photographers hard at work. He turns those photos into outstanding slide shows that he shares on his YouTube channel for all of us to enjoy. He also brings his slide shows to the Navy Photographer Reunions for attendees to enjoy.

Please enjoy Harry’s four latest Navy Photographer slide shows below. Also, feel free to check out any of the many other videos on his YouTube channel or the albums on his Flickr page. Links to both are provided below.

Harry’s YouTube channel:

Harry’s Flickr page:

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