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1980 Military Pictures of the Year Competition (All Hands – May 1981)

Underwater Photographers (All Hands – Aug 1978)

Underwater Photographer (All Hands – Sep 1975)

Flying Photographers (All Hands – Aug 1972)

NATTU Photo School (All Hands Jan 1970)

TV on the High Seas (All Hands – Jun 1969)

USS Maury: Ocean Map-Making (All Hands – Oct 1968)

Hollywood, Navy Style (All Hands – Dec 1968)

Shooting the Works (All Hands – May 1968)

MOPIC Team Covers Vietnam in Depth (All Hands – Feb 1968)

USS Constellation: Carrier Patterns (All Hands – Feb 1968)

Underwater Cameramen (All Hands – Jun 1966)

The Eyes Have It (All Hands – May 1966)

Pensacola, Here We Come (All Hands – May 1964)

The Role of the camera in the Navy (All Hands – Oct 1963)

Carrier Landings by TV (All Hands – Sep 1963)

Naval Photographic Center (All Hands Aug 1963)

Navy Bird Watchers (All Hands – Oct 1962)

Surveying in Siam (All Hands – Apr 1961)

Public Relations Experts (All Hands – Feb 1961)

Down Under – Operation Coast Crawl – Composite Photographic Squadron 61 (All Hands – May 1960)

Charting the Unexplored Antarctic (All Hands – Sep 1958)

Shooting It Out for the Record (All Hands – Feb 1958)

Make a Pictorial Record of Your Naval Career (All Hands – Feb 1958)

Every Navyman’s A Photographer (All Hands – Feb 1958)

Eye Doctors for Navy’s Cameras (All Hands Feb 1958)

The Technological Sailor (All Hands – Jan 1958)

They’ll Track Our New Moons (All Hands – Dec 1957)

Watch Out for These Ladies of the Sea (All Hands – Nov 1957)

Movie-Makers, USN (All Hands Apr 1957)

Ship and Station Papers (All Hands – Apr 1957)

Navy Photogs Develop New Fields on Ocean’s Bottom (All Hands – Apr 1956)

Some DIY Tips on How to Rig a Camera for Underwater Picture Taking (All Hands – Apr 1956)

The Group Nine Navy – Air-Sailors on the Job (All Hands – Mar 1956)

Carrier Crewman Send a Message (All Hands – Mar 1956)

Navy Training Films Underway – ‘Lights! Camera! Action!’ (All Hands – Nov 1955)

‘This is Your Navy’ on Television (All Hands – Nov 1954)

They Check the Accuracy of Your Gunnery (All Hands – Jun 1954)

Making ‘Road Maps’ for the High Seas (All Hands – Feb 1954)

Navy Photogs Have All-Seeing Eyes (All Hands – Feb 1954)

A Long and Happy Navy Tale of WOs (All Hands – Dec 1953)

Hobby Shops Come Aboard (All Hands – Dec 1953)

Photo Reconnaissance – Eyes On Korea (All Hands – Jul 1952)

Camera Record Explosion Two Miles Beneath the Sea (All Hands – Oct 1951)

Combat Cameramen Record History on Film (All Hands – Aug 1951)

Schools for Shutterbugs (All Hands – Apr 1951)

Instruction Films, Inc. (All Hands – Feb 1947)

Superspeed Snapshots (All Hands – Feb 1947)

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From Behind the Lens: Memories and Advice of a Life Well Lived (All Hands – Nov 2017)

The Road to Anchors: Advice from a World War II-Era Chief (All Hands – Sep 2017)

From Khaki to Blueshirt: One Officer’s Journey Back to His Roots (All Hands – Jul 2016)

Memories from that Tiny Atoll 73 Years Later (All Hands – Jun 2015)

Documenting History Through the Eyes of Navy Photographers: 100 Years, One Moment (All Hands – Dec 2014)

Other Articles

The Navy School of Photography (Peterson Photographic – Oct 1973)

Combat Cameramen / Korean Combat Photos…By CCG (Naval Aviation News – Sep 1953)