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1980 Military Pictures of the Year Competition (All Hands – May 1981)

Underwater Photographers (All Hands – Aug 1978)

Underwater Photographer (All Hands – Sep 1975)

Flying Photographers (All Hands – Aug 1972)

NATTU Photo School (All Hands Jan 1970)

TV on the High Seas (All Hands – Jun 1969)

USS Maury: Ocean Map-Making (All Hands – Oct 1968)

Hollywood, Navy Style (All Hands – Dec 1968)

Shooting the Works (All Hands – May 1968)

MOPIC Team Covers Vietnam in Depth (All Hands – Feb 1968)

USS Constellation: Carrier Patterns (All Hands – Feb 1968)

Underwater Cameramen (All Hands – Jun 1966)

The Eyes Have It (All Hands – May 1966)

Pensacola, Here We Come (All Hands – May 1964)

The Role of the camera in the Navy (All Hands – Oct 1963)

Carrier Landings by TV (All Hands – Sep 1963)

Naval Photographic Center (All Hands Aug 1963)

Navy Bird Watchers (All Hands – Oct 1962)

Surveying in Siam (All Hands – Apr 1961)

Public Relations Experts (All Hands – Feb 1961)

Down Under – Operation Coast Crawl – Composite Photographic Squadron 61 (All Hands – May 1960)

Charting the Unexplored Antarctic (All Hands – Sep 1958)

Shooting It Out for the Record (All Hands – Feb 1958)

Make a Pictorial Record of Your Naval Career (All Hands – Feb 1958)

Every Navyman’s A Photographer (All Hands – Feb 1958)

Eye Doctors for Navy’s Cameras (All Hands Feb 1958)

The Technological Sailor (All Hands – Jan 1958)

They’ll Track Our New Moons (All Hands – Dec 1957)

Watch Out for These Ladies of the Sea (All Hands – Nov 1957)

Movie-Makers, USN (All Hands Apr 1957)

Ship and Station Papers (All Hands – Apr 1957)

Navy Photogs Develop New Fields on Ocean’s Bottom (All Hands – Apr 1956)

Some DIY Tips on How to Rig a Camera for Underwater Picture Taking (All Hands – Apr 1956)

The Group Nine Navy – Air-Sailors on the Job (All Hands – Mar 1956)

Carrier Crewman Send a Message (All Hands – Mar 1956)

Navy Training Films Underway – ‘Lights! Camera! Action!’ (All Hands – Nov 1955)

‘This is Your Navy’ on Television (All Hands – Nov 1954)

They Check the Accuracy of Your Gunnery (All Hands – Jun 1954)

Making ‘Road Maps’ for the High Seas (All Hands – Feb 1954)

Navy Photogs Have All-Seeing Eyes (All Hands – Feb 1954)

A Long and Happy Navy Tale of WOs (All Hands – Dec 1953)

Hobby Shops Come Aboard (All Hands – Dec 1953)

Photo Reconnaissance – Eyes On Korea (All Hands – Jul 1952)

Camera Record Explosion Two Miles Beneath the Sea (All Hands – Oct 1951)

Combat Cameramen Record History on Film (All Hands – Aug 1951)

Schools for Shutterbugs (All Hands – Apr 1951)

Instruction Films, Inc. (All Hands – Feb 1947)

Superspeed Snapshots (All Hands – Feb 1947)

All Hands Articles

From Behind the Lens: Memories and Advice of a Life Well Lived (All Hands – Nov 2017)

The Road to Anchors: Advice from a World War II-Era Chief (All Hands – Sep 2017)

From Khaki to Blueshirt: One Officer’s Journey Back to His Roots (All Hands – Jul 2016)

Memories from that Tiny Atoll 73 Years Later (All Hands – Jun 2015)

Documenting History Through the Eyes of Navy Photographers: 100 Years, One Moment (All Hands – Dec 2014)

Naval Aviation News

Naval Aviation News, Fall-Winter 2014, page 22

Naval Aviation News, January-February 2004, page 10

Naval Aviation News, November-December 1993, page 16

Naval Aviation News, May 1968, page 38

Naval Aviation News, Oct 1967, page 27

Naval Aviation News, October 1964, Page 10

Naval Aviation News, June 1959, page 10

Naval Aviation News, September 1953, first pages

Naval Aviation News, November 1946, first pages

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