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Last Updated February 24, 2016

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September 2014

CurrentNews: This is a short list of projects we're working on.

Getting the 2016 Board of Directors elected and certified

2016 Reunion in Tidewater

2017 Reunion in Las Vegas

Board Of Directors

NANP is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the Elected Officers of the Association, the immediate Past President, appointed Committee Chairmen and the President of each Regional Chapter

Elected Officers: Elected Officers shall be the President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, three Directors (each serving three year terms) and one Life-Time Director (permanent during the life of the director).

Appointed Chairman: Appointed Chairmen serve at the pleasure of the President. Each incoming President will appoint his/her choice of Chairmen who will serve during the two year term of the President.

Executive Committee: There shall be an Executive Committee composed of the President, 1st Vice President, the Secretary and Treasurer of the Association, meeting as a committee of the whole. This committee shall have all the powers of the Board to transact business of an emergency nature. All transactions of this committee shall be immediately reported in full to the Board of Directors.


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Jerry Billings:President, Executive Committee Member: Term: January 1, 2016-December 31, 2017
Jerry is a retired Navy Photographic Officer and now works at the Defense Media Activity at Fort Meade as a Supervisory A/V Production Specialist. He enlisted in the Navy in 1978 after earning his AAS in commercial photography from Colo Mtn College in Glenwood Springs, Co. He served 12 years as an enlisted Photographer’s Mate and advanced to Chief Petty Officer before being commissioned in 1991 during his tour at the White House. He served another 20 years in a variety of assignments including the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Joint Intelligence Center, HI; USS MT WHITNEY, Fleet Combat Camera Atlantic, USS GEORGE WASHINGTON, Office of Naval Intelligence, CHINFO, and US Central Command. His final tour took him to San Diego where he served as the last Photographic Officer to Command the Fleet Imaging Command Pacific. He retired in 2010 after serving 32 years and moved to Florida to be with his wife, Sheila, in their retirement home. He then earned his Master’s degree in Management and Leadership. In 2012 after 2 years of college, tennis and golf, he started to miss working in his beloved field along the active duty troops, so returned to the media production community in a civilian role. He is a life-long member of NANP and one of his primary hobbies it to hunt at estate sales and flea markets for rare and vintage cameras.

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Nora Filos: 1st VP: Executive Committee Member, Term: January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2017


W.R. (Sammy) Solt: 2nd VP; Executive Committee Member Term: January 1,2016-December 31, 2017; Membership Chairman

Sammy is a Charter Member of the NANP and has been actively involved in the roundup/conventions since 1984. Sammy enlisted in late 1961 with his first duty station being NAS Quonset Point where he worked in the Crash Crew as a firefighter. From there to the USS FDR (CVA-42) where he went to work in the Photo Lab. Sammy trained at NATTU Pensacola and completed PH "A", "B" and "C"(MOPIC) schools throughout the course of his career. Other duty stations as a Naval Photographer included HU-2/HC-2 at NAS Lakehurst, RVAH-3, RVAH-11 (USS FORRESTAL (CVA-59), USS KITTY HAWK (CVA-63)), CRAW-1, FAPL Sanford, FAPL Albany, NADC Warminster and finally retiring from the USS America (CVA-66). Sammy worked in the transportation industry for many years as a general manager in the Orlando, Pensacola, San Diego and Norfolk areas before retiring in 2011.
Sammy is currently serving by Apointment to the Executive Board pending a General Membership vote at the 2012 convention.

personel bio pic John White; Treasurer/Secretary; Past President, Executive Committee Member: Term: January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2019.

John W. White, a Life Member of the National Association of Naval Photographers, enlisted in the U. S. Navy in 1965 and spent 11 ½ years as an enlisted Photographer’s Mate deploying twice to Viet Nam. Commissioned as a Photographic Officer in 1977, he spent the next 17 years in a variety of assignments culminating in a tour as Commanding Officer of the Fleet Imaging Command Pacific headquartered in San Diego, CA. He retired from the U.S. Navy as a CDR in 1994. John earned an Associate of Arts in Business, with honors, from Pensacola Junior College, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management, with honors, from the University of the State of New York and a Masters Degree in Contract Administration from the American Graduate University. He is married to the former Mary Kathryn Massenkeil of Scranton, PA.

Tim Timmerman Tim Timmerman: Life Time Director, Past Secretary, VaBch Chapter President

Tim, a native of Greenville, SC, enlisted in the Navy in 1952. He is a graduate of Navy Schools of Photography, “A” and Motion Picture “C” in Pensacola, FL; Army Motion Picture School at FT. Monmouth, NJ; Disney Studios Cinemascope Motion Picture Course and USC Cinema Program. Duty stations include Naval Photographic Center (1953-55, 1959-62), Staff Antarctic Support Forces (1955-1959), Atlantic Fleet Combat Camera Group (1962-66, 1969-72) , NAF El Centro and CHINFO Film Production Unit (1966-69). Retiring from active duty in 1972, Tim attended the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, majoring in education and after returning to the US in 1973, continued studies at Tidewater Community College in Virginia Beach and Norfolk State majoring in Mass Communications. Tim returned to the Navy in 1974 as a civilian Audiovisual Specialist and worked 21 years with the Chief of Naval Training at Dam Neck, VA., completing a total of 43 years of Naval Service in 1996. He currently resides with his wife, Judy, in Ellenton, FL.

personel bio pic John Hudson: Director (Term of Office: 3 years, January 2014-December 31, 2016)


personel bio pic Art Jorgensen: Director (Term of Office: 3 years, January 2016-December 31, 2018)


personel bio pic Marilyn Lynch: Director (Term of Office: 1 year, January 1,2016-December 31, 2016)
(Elected to complete Bill Solt's term as Director)



Appointed Chairmen


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Greg Mc Creash: Convention Committee Co-Chairman, Merchandise Chairman and Past NANP President

Greg Joined the Navy in 1986 and attended Photo School in Pensacola, FL. His first assignment was VF-194 and VF-154 in Miramar, CA. After TARPS he went to Fleet Imaging Center, Oceana, VA, where he ran the Norfolk Detachment at Naval Base Norfolk. Next he attended Naval Aircrew School and moved to Fleet Imaging Command, Combat Camera, Atlantic, deploying to Bosinia twice. Greg attended Syracuse Motion Media studies during 1998-99 and had a follow on tour aboard USS Eisenhower, CVN-69, as the OP LCPO. His final tour was at Fleet Combat Camera, Atlantic, where he was the Operations LCPO, Training LCPO and Video Department LCPO. He retired in 2006 and now is employed by General Dynamics Information Technology where he designs, builds and outfits Naval Media Departments onboard CVN, LHD, LHA and shore based imaging facilities.

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Johnny Bivera: Communication Chairman, Past NANP President

Johnny is a freelance photographer in the DC area who transitioned into the fleet reserve in October 2006. His naval career spanned two tours with Combat Camera Atlantic, White House Television, Fleet Intelligence Center Europe Atlantic and photographer to Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Vern Clark and Chairman of the Joint Chief's of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen in the Pentagon. He is an active member of the National Press Photographers Association, American Society of Magazine Photographers, Editorial Photographers and a member of the Education Committee and Executive Board for the White House News Photographers Association.

personel bio pic Jennifer Miller: Newsletter Chair

Jennifer Joined the Navy in 1984 and attended Photo School in Pensacola, FL. Her first assignment was at Fleet Imaging Center Pacific, NAS Agama Guam, after leaving Guam she was assigned to the Fleet Imaging Center NAS Oceana. Her following tours included VP-45 out of Jacksonville, VF-101 on board NAS Oceana, Fleet Imaging Center Roosey Roads PR, and VP-26 in Brunswick. In her final assignment she served as the LPO for the NAS Brunswick Photo Lab. She retired in 2004 and spent time in the real estate industry before joining the Florida Park Service in 2006 as the manager of the FPS sign shop. In 2013 she moved to her current position as the Assistant Park Manager of five state parks along the Suwannee River in North Florida.

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Ralph Lewis: Database Manager, Past NANP President

Ralph LEWIS joined the Navy in 1953; First Duty station was 18 months at NAS Whidbey Island; then hijacked to the Photo Center for a 3 year tour in Film editing; Then B and Mopic C school and off to the Mediterranean for a tour with FASRON 112 in Malta (where there were no movie cameras). in '58 They decommissioned the FASRON and moved us to the new Signonela Naval Air Station in Sicily where there was no Photo Lab. Got the $ to build one there and spent 18 months before returning to CONUS in '61 as an instructor at Pensacola Photo Schools where I made Chief then left early in '62 for USC Cinema School in LA; Received Commission as ENS LDO Photo and reported to USS Midway CVA-41 as Photo Officer; OIC of Combat Camera Det. in Newport RI; Photo Center as Head of Editorial and Camera & Stage;'72-'74 Had tour with CTF-43 as Staff Photo Officer for Operation Deepfreeze in New Zealand and Antarctica; Back to Photo Center as Head of R&D; My final tour was CO of Atlantic Fleet AV Command in Norfolk retiring in June '80. I now live in Bath Maine enjoying an additional career. For 18 years I was with an Apple Computer dealer in Portland Maine doing sales, service and support for Macintosh Computers. I then "Retired" and continued the Mac service and support from my home in Bath. Still having fun. I have been a member of NANP since it was formed and have served as Secretary twice and now with the Web Page Committee and helping out where I can.

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Todd Beveridge: Historian; Assistant Database Manager; Past NANP President

Todd Beveridge is the owner of Dragonfly Film & Video, a full service video production company in Charlotte NC. He has experience as a Producer, Director, and Cameraman on numerous feature films, video projects and sporting events. His clients range from Coca-Cola to the U.S. Navy. He is also a retired Navy photographer/ photographic officer (LDO) with active duty and reserve experience. His Navy duty stations include: (in chronological order) HQ, NAVDIST Washington, D.C./FLTAVCOMLANT (Combat Camera Group)/ Patrol Squadron 93/ FLTIMAGCOMPAC (Combat Camera Group)/ USACOM PSYOPS AV Unit, NAS Norfolk/ CHINFO Public Affairs Det. NAS Atlanta/ Fleet Combat Camera Atlantic. His schools include: Navy Photo “A” School-1982/ Navy Motion Picture “C” School-1985 /USMC Infantry School, Camp Lejeune-1985/ University of Southern California Cinema -1986-87/ Navy Aircrew School-1987/ Naval Officer-LDO Course-2000/ DINFOS Public Affairs Officer Course-2004

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Art Giberson: Historian

PHC Art Giberson, a native of Bluefield, WV, retired from the Navy in May 1977 after 22 years of active service. He is a graduate of the Naval Schools of Photography, Navy Motion Picture School, and the Navy sponsored Photojournalism program at Syracuse University. After release from active military service he worked as managing editor of the Navy’s weekly Navy newspaper Gosport until 2003. Art has authored 10 books and continues to work as a freelance writer and photojournalist. During his Navy career he served on two aircraft carriers: USS Lake Champlain and USS Oriskany; the submarine tender USS Orion, the destroyer USS Zellars and the Atlantic Fleet Combat Camera Group. Shore duty assignments included the Submarine Base, New London, Connecticut; Mine Defense Laboratory, Panama City Florida; and two tours of duty with the Naval Schools of Photography, NAS Pensacola. Art is married to the former Miss Stella Jean Pool of Bastian, VA.

Mickey Strand: Webmaster


personel bio pic Awards; Position currently open:

Regional Chapter Presidents

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Ron Mathews: Webmaster, Convention Committee Co-Chairman, Pacific Southwest Regional President; Past NANP President:

Ron enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1972 just 12 hours after graduating high school and made the first of three trips to Pensacola. Graduated from the USC Cinema program in 1985 before returning to Combat Camera Group, Pacific for the second of three tours. After receiving a commission as a W1 in 1988, he became the Reconnaissance Officer and later the Assistant Maintenance Officer for VF-213, spending 52 months in the squadron before returning to Combat Camera as the Assistant Operations Officer and Supply Officer for Fleet Imaging Command, Pacific. In 1995 he was ordered to the USS Carl Vinson for his fifth consecutive sea duty tour before retiring as a W4 in 1997. Following retirement he worked for an advertising agency for three years before joining D.P. Associates as a Writer / Director / Producer / Editor; producing Crew Resource Management videos for Navy and Marine Corps Aviation. Ron is now the Managing Partner of Interactive Video Training where they focus on teaching "Soft Skills" to high school and college students throughout Southern California.

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Bennie J. Davis: Naval District Washington Chapter President.

Bennie J. Davis III is a Technical Sergeant in the U. S. Air Force as a photojournalist working on his sixteenth year of photographing the Air Force story. Davis believes that photography is one of the most powerful mediums in the world, a visual language that connects all mankind. Davis got his start in photography by training at Defense Photography School, Cory Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Fl., where his association with naval photographers began. In 2007, he continued to further his education in photojournalism at Syracuse University, graduating at the top of his class and was assigned to the flagship publication of the U.S. Air Force, Airman Magazine, with AF News service in San Antonio, Texas. From the beginning, his dedication and love for photography has taken him worldwide to the countries of S. Korea, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Honduras, Belize, Uruguay and Paraguay using his camera to capture vital Air Force missions. Davis' passion for storytelling and imagery has garnered numerous Air Force and Department of Defense Awards, earning nine top honors of first place in Military Photographer of the Year categories. His work has appeared in numerous major media publications including National Geographic, Time, Newsweek, and The New York Times. Davis has attended the DC Shoot Off since 2007 and is the current floor producer and regional chapter NANP president for Naval District Washington. He is currently at Defense Information School as a photojournalism instructor following a tour with Airman Magazine at Defense Media Activity, Fort Meade, Md.