Many of you have not registered for the upcoming Navy Photographer’s Reunion in Washington, DC, 5-8 October.  We hope to see a large turnout for this great occasion.  With all the retired PH’s and MCs in the DC area plus all the active-duty MCs in the neighborhood we really thought there would be a great turnout.

Although the Navy Photographer’s Reunion is sponsored by the National Association of Naval Photography (NANP), you do NOT have to be a member of the NANP to attend the reunion and enjoy the camaraderie and festivities.

For active-duty MCs interested in joining the NANP, it is FREE to all active-duty members.  As Navy photographers we have and still are recording images of history.  Please consider joining us on this occasion and share some of your stories with us. 

To register for the reunion please go to and follow the prompt for the reunion. 

Hope to see you there!

Sammy Solt
NANP Awards Chairperson

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  1. Been trying to get in touch with Chuck Abell. Phone number I have is 713 773 6512. Keep getting busy signal. Do I have the right #?

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