We are just a little over 100 days out from our “Cruisin’ with your Shipmates” 2024 Navy Photographer’s Reunion which is set to sail out of Port Canaveral, Florida on October 18th.  Up to this point we have 38 people booked for the cruise.  Many of our regulars are missing from our reunion list. Hopefully, we will see their reservations soon!

As many know, at our last meeting in DC we decided to shift from an annual reunion to every other year or possibly every third year. With many of us getting long in the tooth, various health problems, and other issues that life deals out; travel is not always possible.  

According to one of our shipmates we have lost 18 shipmates within the last six months. I am hoping that the ones that are able, please make an effort to join us.  At the death rate we are experiencing and the age of our members I don’t see NANP surviving another five years. 

If you want to attend the 2024 Navy Photographer’s Reunion Cruise, click the button below to go to the reunion page and follow the instructions to make your reservation. Final payments are due no later than August 4th, so time is quickly running out.

Hope to see you October 18th.


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