Story by Merrilee Wilson
Photo by Johnny Bivera

Twenty-six photographers and spouses gathered in Chesapeake, Virginia on April 1st for lunch, merriment and storytelling. Among the group was Richard Shorter, an active duty MC2.  We were delighted! He promised to bring another MC with him to the next lunch. We are counting on him.  Following a half hour of visiting, we kicked off our gathering with Sheila Stone welcoming all followed by Greg McCreash sharing the benefits of NANP membership.

An (at times hilarious) informal survey was conducted about our experiences as photographers. Yes! MCs are photographers! We learned (by a raise of hands) which of us served on independent duty, in Vietnam, as detailers (no bodily harm was done), as ship’s company, kissed the moose, donated blood, lost equipment overboard aircraft or floating vessels, who went to Captain’s Mast and much more. Lots of wise guy comments were contributed by the attendees which kept us all in stitches. We had a blast visiting and recounting memories of our escapades! 

Unbelievably, our lunch which starred at 11:00 with early arrivers, didn’t break up till nearly 4:00. Some folks joined us from as far away as DC metro area and Pennsylvania. We truly had a blast! 

Sheila Stone and Merrilee Wilson, with Bud Stinson advising, are planning our next gathering; date to be determined.  We are looking for an outside pavilion for a picnic at the beginning of June and will post the info as soon as it is firmed up. We can say this….wear boots (need I explain?) and any old name tag from back in the day if planning to attend. 

Attendees pictured above (in no particular order) include: Bud Stinson, Sheila Stone, Merrilee Wilson, Steve Grzezdzinski, Johhny Bivera, Ken Brown, Tim Timmerman, Judy Timmerman, Bert Wendell, Frank Palmitesso, Greg McCreash, Peggy Becker, David Goldberg, Brian McFadden, Todd Beveridge, Dave Graver, Georgia Graver, Laurie Hefner, Harry Gerwin, Kevin Farmer, Danny Powell, Tim Ahlgrim, Rick Kerns, Terry Mitchell, and MC2 Richard Shorter.

Attendees not in picture include: Edward Dunne, Omar Osborne, and Kevin Graves.

7 thoughts on “Tidewater Group April Fools Luncheon

  1. Keep me posted on your next meeting, please.
    I will try to attend, I live in New Hampshise!

    1. That would make you the longest long distance attendee Roger!!! We are working on another lunch event which we hope to have at an outdoor pavilion type location, providing we can find one that permits alcohol and base access for those without military IDs if on a base. It would be nice if it was near a campground as we have some folks that like to pitch a tent. Possibly the beginning of June but not nailed out yet. HarborFest is also in early June.

  2. My fault for not keeping up with the website information. Would have loved to attend this luncheon. I don’t travel well these days, but can certainly get to most anyplace in the Tidewater area.
    Will look forward to the next regional meetup.

    1. We look forward to visiting with you at our next event and will make a special effort to ensure you get the word as soon as possible!

  3. Our next meeting will be at NSA Cutter Park Com Rec (PAV2) on Saturday June 24, 2023, had to make the reservation early because it is spring and parties are being scheduled all over the place. Hope to master my printer to make a PDF file to put on the meeting schedule

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