Memorial Day Message 2021

Shipmates, This Memorial Day weekend signifies more than just the end of the school year, the start of summer, or a long weekend to spend with family or friends.  After more than a year of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, it is easy to forget how special and important the upcoming weekend is. This weekend, we pay tribute to those who’ve sacrificed in service to our nation. We offer support to the families they’ve left behind. Above all, we pause to remember – not just those close to us we’ve lost, but the generations of Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen and Marines who made the ultimate sacrifice. We also pause and remember our fallen Naval Photography brethren, such as MC1 Robert McRill, who […]

Looking for New Secretary

We have a last minute opening in an upcoming election which will be made public any day now. Sam Trice will remain our Treasurer but has asked for us to turn Secretary over to someone else. We are looking for volunteers to run as NANP Secretary in the upcoming election. If interested, contact the NANP President, Sammy Solt or the Vice President, Wes Gibson.

Dates Set for 2020 Navy Photography Reunion

Our President, Sammy Solt, reports that the dates for the 2020 Photography Reunion in Pensacola are set. We will be having the reunion October 16-18 with a departure the morning of the 19th. These date coincides with the Blue Angels Homecoming this year. I believe we will have an invitation to view a dress rehearsal performance of the airshow from the flightline. A contract for the venue has not been signed yet, but all indications point to the reunion taking place on Pensacola Beach. The projected cost of hotel rooms is around $159 a night. As soon as I have more information about the venue and scheduled events, I will put together the official web page listing all details and […]

General Meeting Minutes, October 30, 2019

NANP General Meeting called to order @ 1011. Nominations – Nominations for upcoming Board of Directors vacancies was discussed. A call for nominations must be put forth online as none were received at the meeting.  Finances – Treasurer Sam Trice delivered the financial statement of account. NANP balance was $29,134 as of October 30, 2019. The 2019 Seattle reunion cost the organization $221. Account Management – Greg McCreash has been added to the checking account as a backup. 2020 Reunion – The poll that VP Sammy Solt generated was discussed, however, the General Membership in attendance voted to hold the 2020 reunion in Washington DC. Advantage is that we have several people in the area, to include Johnny Bivera, to […]

Pick the Location for the 2020 Navy Photographers Reunion

Shipmates and Friends of Naval Photography, Recently Tony Casulo put out a great newsletter for all of us to enjoy.  BZ to you Tony for a great publication!  In the newsletter, a survey was included for the location of the 2020 Reunion/Convention.  There were numerous places listed on the survey and it had been requested that the recipients pick their top five choices and forward them to me with a cutoff date of 01 December 2019. My very first reply, which by the way was received 3 days after the distribution of the newsletter was from Art Jorgensen, we really appreciate your promptness.  The second came from Don “Bearcat” Jarvis, a true Navy legend.  Now we need to get to […]