NANP General Meeting called to order @ 1011.

  • Nominations – Nominations for upcoming Board of Directors vacancies was discussed. A call for nominations must be put forth online as none were received at the meeting.
  •  Finances – Treasurer Sam Trice delivered the financial statement of account. NANP balance was $29,134 as of October 30, 2019. The 2019 Seattle reunion cost the organization $221.
  • Account Management – Greg McCreash has been added to the checking account as a backup.
  • 2020 Reunion – The poll that VP Sammy Solt generated was discussed, however, the General Membership in attendance voted to hold the 2020 reunion in Washington DC. Advantage is that we have several people in the area, to include Johnny Bivera, to chair the Reunion Working Group.
  • 2021 Reunion – Nominations and voting on locations came down to New Orleans and a cruise out of Texas. Both options were popular and a majority could not be reached. The General Membership decided to survey all members via online poll to choose between New Orleans or a cruise out of Texas.
  • Poll – The poll should include verbiage that states “only vote if you plan on attending”.
  • Database – The vertical response database needs updating as members stated they never received email notice of newsletter.

Motion to adjourn and seconded @ 1142.

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