Email from a Ranger Vet

Ken Estes <rangervet @> sends Thank you John for asking these questions. (the vote)  I might add I have not attended a meeting since it was last held in Seattle, as I am one of those old farts that don’t have the money to travel.  I did not have a Navy career and SS doesn’t go as far as I wish.  But I loved Navy Aviation Photography.  Served mostly at Fleet Air Photo Lab San Diego; at NAS Whidbey Island or on USS Ranger CVA61.  When I was 3rd class my crow included wings and I drew flight pay taking stills of military bases or doing aerial photo mapping.  I still own a Crown Graphic and a K-20 camera. […]

I meet a Retired PHC

A funny thing happened Friday at my Cardiologists office. I met a retired PHC I did not know or ever crossed paths with in my career.  Didn’t think any other PH’s lived in NE PA. His name was Bob Hemmerlee (SP?).  Anyone out there know him?  I recommended he look us up on the web-site.  If he does, let’s see if we can get him to join NANP.

Looking for Scott Stewart PH3

This from one of our members: Robert Cobble PHAN Please help if you can. I’m trying to locate another PH that was my roommate in 1974-75 while attached to ComNavMar. My friends name is Scott Stewart, he was a Ph3 at the time we were both attached to the PAO office in 1975.   He and I both covered Operation New Life, and I was hoping he could help me verify an incident during the Frequent Wind part of the operation? Thank you. Robert Cobble PHAN, I went by Bob Cobble. I was a staff photographers at COMNAVMAR for Adm Morrison during Operation New Life.

LCDR Sam Sorenson celebrated his 100th Birthday

A pioneering member of our Navy Photography community, LCDR Sam Sorenson celebrated his 100th Birthday this last weekend. John Lewin, a good friend of his, presented a few things from our community to him. Happy Birthday Sam! Here is Sam’s Bio…. Sam Sorenson was born May 20, 1916. He graduated from Brigham Young University in 1938 with a BA in Speech and Drama. He went to Hollywood to become an actor, and by chance heard a Navy LT speaking on the merits of Navy service. Impressed, Sam decided to join the Navy in January 1941, assigned to Corpus Christi, TX where powers to be determined that since he was from Hollywood, he would be a good OIC of the photo […]

Approved 2016 Bylaw

Article 1 – Name Article II – Powers and Constraints Article III – Membership Article IV – Dues Article V – Officers Article VI – Board of Directors Article VII – Elections Article VIII – Duties of Officers Article IX – Standing Committees Article X – Meetings & Awards Article XI – Parliamentary Authority Article XII – Dissolution Article XIII – Effective Date & Amendments Article XIV – Regional Chapters NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NAVAL PHOTOGRAPHY CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS–PREAMBLE –The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NAVAL PHOTOGRAPHY was formed by and for persons associated at any time withNAVAL PHOTOGRAPHY. We associate ourselves together for the following purposes: To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. To support a strong […]