NANP Officers Special Election

Greetings All, The NANP Board of Directors is calling for a vote of the membership. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Board of Directors has appointed an Interim Vice President and have recommendations to complete out 2023 and transition into 2024. Follow the link below for more details and to cast your vote. The deadline for submitting your ballot is midnight (PST), August 18th, 2023. Thank you to all members who cast your vote.

2022 Membership Voting Results

With 107 NANP members casting their vote to elect: (1) a new Director starting in 2023; (2) selecting the location of the 2024 Navy Photographers Reunion; and (3) approving or disapproving the new NANP Bylaws, below are the results. Director (2023, 2024, 2025) – Gary Mann 2024 Navy Photographers Reunion Location – San Diego, CA NANP Bylaws Ratified Thanks to all members who cast their vote.

It’s Time to Vote

Greetings All, The NANP ballot for all members is now active. This year, you are voting for a new Director for a three year position beginning in 2023, the location for the 2024 Navy Photographers Reunion, and on ratifying the proposed NANP Bylaws. The deadline for submitting your ballot is midnight (PST), Dec. 7th, 2022. Thank you to all members who cast your vote. I also want to wish all of you and your families a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Accepting Nominations for New NANP Director

The NANP has a Director position to fill and is accepting nominations. The new Director will serve three years beginning January 1st, 2023 and ending December 31st, 2025. Directors are members who are entrusted with overall direction of the Association. They are elected by vote of the General Membership to supervise, recommend and vote on issues brought before the Association. The results are then presented to the Membership for a vote to ratify. If any NANP member would like to make a nomination for Director’s position, please submit an email to the NANP Secretary at or use the contacts form on the NANP website. Nominations will close at midnight (PST) on November 18th, 2022.

Looking for New Secretary

We have a last minute opening in an upcoming election which will be made public any day now. Sam Trice will remain our Treasurer but has asked for us to turn Secretary over to someone else. We are looking for volunteers to run as NANP Secretary in the upcoming election. If interested, contact the NANP President, Sammy Solt or the Vice President, Wes Gibson.

Seeking Nominations for 2020 Elections

The new year is upon us and time for Board of Directors elections. We have vacancies coming up for 2nd Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and two Directors. We need nominations and/or volunteers before we can move forward with elections. Nominations will only be accepted from NANP members in good standing. You can vote online by using this link: Nominations are closed You can also make nominations for any or all of the available positions by sending an email to the NANP Webmaster ( who will forward it to the Executive Committee. Please include in your email: Your full nameYour email addressNomination for 2nd Vice PresidentNomination for Secretary/TreasurerNomination for DirectorNomination for Director All nominations must be received no later than midnight December […]

Email from a Ranger Vet

Ken Estes <rangervet @> sends Thank you John for asking these questions. (the vote)  I might add I have not attended a meeting since it was last held in Seattle, as I am one of those old farts that don’t have the money to travel.  I did not have a Navy career and SS doesn’t go as far as I wish.  But I loved Navy Aviation Photography.  Served mostly at Fleet Air Photo Lab San Diego; at NAS Whidbey Island or on USS Ranger CVA61.  When I was 3rd class my crow included wings and I drew flight pay taking stills of military bases or doing aerial photo mapping.  I still own a Crown Graphic and a K-20 camera. […]