A hearty congratulations to the Mass Communication Specialists selected Chief Petty Officer for FY-2023. The National Association Naval Photography welcomes each of you into our organization. Your unmistakable skills and leadership will be a tremendous asset for us. We are more than thrilled to have young talent such as you join our team. It is time we brought in a fresh perspective. 

  • MCC (Sel) Kory Alsberry
  • MCC (Sel) Zachary Anderson
  • MCC (Sel) Stacy Atkinsricks
  • MCC (Sel) Cody Boyd
  • MCC (Sel) Aidan Campbell         
  • MCC (Sel) William Dodge   
  • MCC (Sel) Claire Farin         
  • MCC (Sel) Spencer Fling   
  • MCC (Sel) Sean Furey
  • MCC (Sel) Theodore Green   
  • MCC (Sel) Patrick Grieco       
  • MCC (Sel) Amanda Kitchner   
  • MCC (Sel) Gabriel Kotico     
  • MCC (Sel) Christopher Liaghat   
  • MCC (Sel) Julie Matyascik
  • MCC (Sel) Darren Moore     
  • MCC (Sel) Shamira Purifoy         
  • MCC (Sel) Julio Rivera     
  • MCC (Sel) Jonathan Trejo       
  • MCC (Sel) Daniel Young

Reminder: The National Association of Naval Photography offers a free Associate membership to those currently on active duty. Follow this link to fill out your application today: NANP Membership Application

One thought on “Congratulations to the FY-23 MCC Selectees

  1. Yes! Please know that Wes Gibson’s heartfelt thoughts conveyed here are shared by me and others within and well beyond our group. You are very much so a part of who we were in this ever-changing transition of continued discoveries and growth, who we are now, and who WE will become. Welcome!

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