During my time as President of our Association, I have received numerous requests for changes to our existing Bylaws.  We have not had a general meeting in two years, so our upcoming reunion will be a perfect time to address any changes.

Those of you who wish to see changes in the Bylaws, please forward your thoughts to our Secretary, Brian McFadden, at  He will keep these until the Board of Directors meets in Pensacola where they will be discussed. After these ideas have been filtered through the Board of Directors, we will present them to the general membership for approval.  The idea is not to change our organization but bring us up to date with Bylaws that all of us approve of and can live with.

If you would like to review the existing NANP Bylaws, follow this link.


2 thoughts on “Seeking Input For Bylaw Changes

  1. As a Board of Directors member, I propose the following Bylaws amendments for consideration:
    Section 4 should be titled FISCAL YEAR
    Add Section 3 to Article II to be titled EMBLEM/LOGO DESIGN AND OFFICIAL USE – to establish set policy/guidance in regards to redesigning or changes to the official SEAL of the the organization.
    Add Section 1 to Article I to be titled NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION TITLE AND USE – to establish set policy/guidance in regards to the organization name and convention as recognized in the initial bylaws shall not be changed.

  2. The database manager needs proof of dues payment for all applications befor posting on the Database. For internet applications and payments the payment needs to be indicated as part of the application format submission to the Database manager.
    For Mail in applicati Ones, the paper application along with the payment needs to be sent to the Secretary/Treasurer. The paid application then needs to be forwarded, by mail or email to the Datase manager for posting of the new member in the database. This ensures that the payment has been recorded and deposited.

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