All I can say is the folks that attended the reunion in Pensacola had a great time. The weekend was wonderful including the two Blue Angel Air Shows we were able to see from our hospitality suite balcony. NAS was closed for the air show and the Blues flew their show on the beach, incidentally the Blue Angels 75th Anniversary party was in an adjoining suite and our shared balcony was center stage. Absolutely awesome!

Since returning home many accolades about the event have been received. It was an absolute success. My personal thanks go out to some very key people that worked together as a team to ensure it ran smoothly: Jim Russel, our man on the ground in Pensacola who put it all together, Wes Gibson who coordinated everything and kept the crew informed. Ron Swope took care of registrations, Lisa Borges, Joe Higgins and Rob Madsen who kept the bar and raffles moving right along. The bar supported itself through the tip can and special thanks to Sue Michalek for her $100 donation to the Kitty and the t-shirts she bought for our working party behind the bar. Everything from the meet and greet, the air shows, raffles and general camaraderie could not have been better.  

Congratulations are due in January when Wes Gibson assumes the Presidency, along with nominated Vice President, Chuck Abell and nominated Directors, Jeff Hilton and Lisa Borges take on their new positions.

Next year will bring new beginnings. There is a lot on tap for the very near future so please keep following the website for some proposed changes to our organization. San Antonio was selected for the 2022 reunion followed by the Washington D.C. area for 2023, so stay up to date for upcoming information.  

In closing I would like to thank everyone who made our reunion a memorable occasion. Looking forward to San Antonio next year. See you there.


7 thoughts on “2021 Reunion An Overwhelming Success

  1. This is one of the friendliest groups I have ever had the pleasure of being associated. Looking forward to San Antonio.

  2. Happy to hear the Pensacola 2021 round-up was such a success. Due to mobility issues, I was unable to attend. Hope to attend another time.

  3. Sammy, thank you for carrying the organization through a historic global pandemic. It has not been easy for many and not over, but you did great leading us through and accomplishing the Pensacola event that needed to happen. In order for an association to work it needs its people to communicate and work together, but it also needs a torch bearer. Thank you for keeping that torch lit and ready for the next president to carry. I appreciate everyone who puts time in no matter how much and for how long, because the community strives and adapts from involvement. And the only way our history will disappear is if we don’t support those that follow behind us, if we stop leading. The name may change, the tools of the trade will modify and the language may transform, but there will always be the need for the core of who we are, visual creatives who tell stories, provide intelligence gathering, boost the moral welfare of our Sailors, and get paid to do something we love and call it a job. I personally had a great time, and when you’re having a good time, it’s never enough time. I saw many friends, met new ones and got to spend time with my family as a part II reunion. Thank you for those that have stood up to volunteer and give of your time, it is the one aspect of the association membership that is most valued. Bravo Zulu to a job well done, and I’m looking forward to San Antonio!

    1. It was an honor and privilege to be a part of such a momentous occasion and it would not have been possible without Sammy, Wes, Jim Russell, Lisa Borges, Joe Higgins, Jerry Billings, Greg McCreesh and Rob Madsen (Nora’s booty-call) for keeping the registration, name tags, 50/50, hospitality suite running so smoothly, not to mention coordinating all of the transportation and keeping us on time at all of the group events! KUDOS, BRAVO ZULU and Damn the Torpedoes! For those who could not attend, expect great things in San Antonio with Wes at the helm, because he was our Navigator! And in January, our President! Many great things ahead beyond the reunions as we expand into fostering active duty in to the future! May God Bless 2022! – Chuck
      P.S. If more spouses were as involved as Rob Madsen, this event would be 100% times better!

  4. If you are in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area (DMV) and would like to participate in our explorative committee for the 2023 NANP Reunion, please contact me as soon as possible. Hopefully, if selected NANP VP for 2022/2023, I have volunteered to act as coordinator (if Wes approves) for the National Association of Naval Photographers Reunion in D.C., October 2023. I have already visualized the event to extend from Mount Vernon to Baltimore and everything in between. Centralized in Alexandria, Va., we will be able to outreach into museums, archives, national monuments, and beyond for a fantastic 102 years of Naval Photography historic event. All for the price we have paid for previous reunion events (short of airfare or gas prices). What do you think? Shoot me an email: charles.abell1@gmail.com – SUBJ LINE: NANP 2023. Or call 757-754-6292 and leave txt or VM. – Chuck

  5. Hey shipmates and fellow photogs, sorry I couldn’t stick around for the entire time but I could not get my dialysis treatment there but once. missed the air show on the main day. met a lot of new people I didn’t know before and made new friends I was very happy to make the roundup if only for two days. great job by the staff and others who put the whole thing together.

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