As Thanksgiving approaches, we still have Covid-19 ripping through the fabric of our society.  This means that many will be on house restriction for the holiday.  Most of us will not see family members in person because of fragile health or it would be a burden to social distant or some other reason that it will make it impossible to be with our loved ones. We can still communicate via Skype, Face time, Zoom or some other form of social media.

We can still be thankful that we are well enough to enjoy Thanksgiving.  Many of us have spent various holidays away from our families on special days.  My first Thanksgiving abroad was aboard the USS FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT on a Med Cruise in 1964.  We all missed our families, but we saw the day through with our shipmates.  For most of us our deployment days are long gone, but we will make it through the day as we have done in the past and be thankful to be alive and still loving life.

One thing that remains the same is our many shipmates who are on deployment and missing family and friends as the holidays draw near.  As you celebrate Thanksgiving, in whatever fashion it may be this year, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


One thought on “Thanksgiving Message from our President

  1. Dear Lord, please watch over our military, both active, reserve, and retired and keep them, and their families, safe over the upcoming holiday season. Amen.

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