53 years ago today I was aboard the USS FORRESTAL on Yankee Station in the Tonkin Gulf.  At 1051 a horrific fire engulfed the flight deck killing 134 of my Shipmates and injuring many more.  Of course many years have passed and many more heroes of that fateful day have died.  I would ask that anyone reading this to please take a moment to remember the souls of our departed Shipmates.


One thought on “NANP President Remembers USS Forrestal Fire 53 Years Ago Today

  1. Bill Pointer, PHC, ret. I was on the USS Kittyhawk(CVA-63), When that event occurred. I was responsible for the IOIC Photo section. Later I was assigned to the PAO operation at Portsmouth Naval Hospital for “Operation Homecoming” for the returnees of the infamous “Hanoi Hilton”. I met a number of shipmates of John McCain. He went to Naval Hospital Balboa. When I latter became AC qualified I viewed the footage of the USS Forestal fire many times. Will never forget the images of McCain running across the wings of the parked aircraft with flames alaround him. I will never forgive Trump for the comments he made about McCain bravery. He was one of our finest.

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