In light of the ongoing COVID-19 debacle and the slow rollout of the vaccine, the NANP Board of Directors have voted to cancel the 2020 Navy Photographer’s Reunion, which had been postponed to April 2021.

Going forward, we are planning a 2021 Navy Photographer’s Reunion, November 5th – 7th at the Holiday Inn Resort on Pensacola Beach, Florida. This is the same location and venue we had planned to use for the 2020 Reunion. And as previously planned, our reunion will coincide with the Blue Angels Homecoming.

The Board of Directors felt this course of action would allow ample time for the majority of our community to receive their vaccines, thereby increasing reunion attendance.

A new 2021 Reunion page will be built immediately and updated as new plans come together. Registration for the Reunion will open as soon as reunion events become known.

6 thoughts on “2020 Reunion Replaced With 2021 Reunion

  1. Did the 2021 reunion take place? If yes, when is the 2022 reunion? If not is there a reschedule?
    I am not sure if I joined as I have a form to order gear from Greg McCreash. If I haven’t I would like to and attend the next reunion.

    1. The 2021 reunion is scheduled for the fall. We are still putting together all of the events and the registration page is not open yet. Here’s the link to the web page for the reunion.

      You are not a member of NANP according to our roster. There is a deceased PH3 Robert Shay, USN, but I’m assuming that’s not you. Here’s a link to the membership page.

      You do not have to be a member of NANP to attend the Navy Photographers Reunion. However, it would be great if you can join.

  2. We are trying to identify a USN Photographer who was KIA in the Southwest Pacific on 2/13/43 flying with the 307th Bombardment Group, 424th Bombardment Squadron aboard B-24 bomber serial #41-23975. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
    James M. McCabe, Historian
    307th Bombardment Group association

  3. I will be coming from Palm Coast Florida and hopefully Gary Haile PH2 from Shoreline Washington and Gil Sharp from Pensacola all of us were on the TICONDEROGA CVS 14 1971 to 73 decommissioning.

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