2019 Reunion Poll Results

During the 2018 NANP Reunion General Meeting, a proposal was put forth to replace the 2019 NANP Reunion planned for Seattle, Washington with an ocean cruise. As such, an online poll of the NANP membership was conducted Oct 29th thru November 25th to gauge the interest level in each event and to get a feel for how many of you are likely to participate. 82 members responded and took the poll. Here are the results. Question: What is your 2019 NANP reunion location preference?Seattle – 21Cruise – 37No Preference – 24 Question: If the 2019 NANP Reunion is located in Seattle, Washington, would you attend?Yes – 26No – 32Undecided – 24 Question: If the 2019 NANP Reunion is an ocean cruise, […]