NANP 2017 Reunion Attendance

Here is the list of checks or online registrations I have received to date.  See you all there.

Name Guest Name
Mickey Strand Mary Strand
Todd Pendleton
Alexander Sloan Sharon Sloan
Bill Wilson
Ronnie George Kay George
Joseph Kirschbaum Gaul Kirschbaum
Ralph Lewis
Nora Filos Rob Madsen
James Mullins
Jennifer Miller
Spike Call
Samuel Trice ?
Dennis Nardone
Angela Willis
Jerry Billings
Virgil McColley Barvara Carr
Rodney Moen ????  no reg
Bill Purcell
Gale Bond Pamela Shortridge Bond
Chet King Neomi King
Dr. Richard J May ?
Thomas Clasper ?
Mark Sorrow ?
Stephen Grzezdzinski ?
Charles Brocksmith
S. Martin Shelton
Clara B. Johnson Candace Malone
Richard Campbell Judy Campbell
Richard Hill
Richard Montgomery
Harry Deffenbaugh
Jerry Kessens
Lee Shankel Cyndy Wise
James McCarter

There is still time to get your registrations in.  do it now, please.  a ? mark signifies that you have made reservations for two but I did not receive a second name.  Thank you


17 thoughts on “NANP 2017 Reunion Attendance

  1. Mickey, I registered for the events, but after I paid via paypal, the return link took me back to the website that stated “oops – there is nothing there” or something to that effect. Can you verify I am paid up? also can you update the list of attendees?
    Thanks Much


  2. just filled out the names etc but don’t know if it went thru have a room already set up if it did not show up let me know and i will do it all again thanks

  3. Sorry but a family situation prevents me from attending the NANP Convention.
    Please send refund to : Rodney C. Moen, P.O. Box 215, Whitehall, Wi. 54773.

  4. Have resv at hotel which I’m about to cancel.

    Have to have surgery on my cervical spine. Have numbness in my right arm and hand, Same Dr who did my Spinal Stinosis operation about six years ago.

    Sorry to miss seeing All Hands but “not to worry” I hope

  5. Welcome to Las Vegas my fellow US Navy Photographer Shipmates. I went to A school in 77′, National Parachute Test Range 77-79′, USN Reserves @ PACAV 79-83′. Met my wife of 37 years (PHAN Janice Voltaggio) at B school in Pensacola in 79′. and was a Commercial Photographer in L.A. 87′-2011.

    I currently live in Las Vegas & teach all levels of photography at the College of Southern Nevada (about 6 miles north of downtown LV). We have a wonderful facility and impressive student gallery at our N.L.V. campus, and it would be both an honor and my pleasure to host tours of our program if it fits your schedules. Please feel free to contact me anytime at

    (PH3 Chuck Lohman)

  6. Mickey…Please excuse this method of getting my message to you, but this was my only access to your address. I have a wealth of old Photographers Mate (remember them?) training manuals, one dated 1918. Would the association be interested in my donating them? If not, and any other individual would want them they would be for sale or donation, depending on their use.

    Bob Lawson PHCS(AC) USN(Ret)
    1418. E Sonoma Cortile
    Washington UT 84780
    (435) 680-9812

    1. I can not see why not. Can you send a photo of them and I will post it. Our only prob is that we don’t have a national archive but we do have the Pensacola museum and I can ask if they would make a great addition to that location?

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