Email from a Ranger Vet

Ken Estes <rangervet @> sends Thank you John for asking these questions. (the vote)  I might add I have not attended a meeting since it was last held in Seattle, as I am one of those old farts that don’t have the money to travel.  I did not have a Navy career and SS doesn’t go as far as I wish.  But I loved Navy Aviation Photography.  Served mostly at Fleet Air Photo Lab San Diego; at NAS Whidbey Island or on USS Ranger CVA61.  When I was 3rd class my crow included wings and I drew flight pay taking stills of military bases or doing aerial photo mapping.  I still own a Crown Graphic and a K-20 camera. […]


NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NAVY PHOTOGRAPHY GENERAL MEETING NOTES 30 SEPTEMBER 2016 1.    The meeting was called to order by the President, Jerry Billings at 11:05. 2.    The Pledge to Allegiance was given. 3.    Minutes of the last General Meeting were read and on motion approved. 4.    The Secretary/Treasurer read the Financial Report.  As of 10 September, 2016 there was a balance of $8,496.75 in the Association Checking Account and $18,092.67 in the Association Savings account both of which are deposited in the Navy Federal Credit Union. 5.    Unfinished Business: a.    The Secretary/Treasurer announced that the IRS Non-Profit issue with the Association had been settled and we are once again in good standing as a Non-Profit Organization. 6.    New Business: a.   […]

I meet a Retired PHC

A funny thing happened Friday at my Cardiologists office. I met a retired PHC I did not know or ever crossed paths with in my career.  Didn’t think any other PH’s lived in NE PA. His name was Bob Hemmerlee (SP?).  Anyone out there know him?  I recommended he look us up on the web-site.  If he does, let’s see if we can get him to join NANP.