Convention Attendance Update SEP 6

Here is the list of attendance as of this weekend. Make sure you get your registration in ASAP. Convention Reg Page Guest Todd Pendleton Richard Hill Lee Shankel Jerry Billings Mark Sorrow Greg McCreash William Solt John White James Ashe James Hysong James Houle Jen Miller Nora Filos Ralph Lewis (mail in) Dan Patterson (coming not registered) Rick Rosser (coming not registered) Bert Wendel (mail in) Harry Kidd Todd Beveridge Seifert Volker Laurie Wood John Lewin Johnny Biveria (not registered) John Hudson and wife Frederick Riley Tate Bailey Gloria Baily Larry Mathis J. Allen Debbie Allen Randy Moen Jerry Kessens Steve Grzezdzinski Heather Weidner Tim Timmerman Mark Dwyer Nicholas Finandis Shirley Fidandis Daniel Bayse Jane Bayse  

Looking for Scott Stewart PH3

This from one of our members: Robert Cobble PHAN Please help if you can. I’m trying to locate another PH that was my roommate in 1974-75 while attached to ComNavMar. My friends name is Scott Stewart, he was a Ph3 at the time we were both attached to the PAO office in 1975.   He and I both covered Operation New Life, and I was hoping he could help me verify an incident during the Frequent Wind part of the operation? Thank you. Robert Cobble PHAN, I went by Bob Cobble. I was a staff photographers at COMNAVMAR for Adm Morrison during Operation New Life.