From: Dave Dextradeur, PH1 (RET) <> Message Body: HOWDY SHIPMATES! If any of you who happen to be AMATEUR RADIO OPERATORS (HAMS) would like to get together on the air and reminisce “old times” please email me at the above address <> and we will see if we can agree on a time and frequency to make it happen. 73 Y’ALL, Dave — This e-mail was sent from a contact form on National Association of Naval Photography ( but I thought it should be shared online for all…

Facebook vs. NANP Blog

Brothers and Sisters. Happy to be of service to the group and here is an answer for all in regards to the questions coming up repeatedly. Where do we posts news comments deaths etc… You can post to this site and we are happy for the blog posts but the day to day updates are now hosted on the Face Book page at  This platforms is accessible by all and is much faster then the blog that requires the moderator to log in an approve your comments or posts.   This is required to make sure that spam or bots do not fill our pages with smut or sales pitches… The news of a passing here will be very helpful […]