Petty Officer Second Class
Born 1962 Baltimore, MD
Deceased September 11, 2001, Terrorist Attack Pentagon


Petty Officer First Class
Born September 27, 1959, Morrison, Illinois
Deceased March 21, 2011

Joey is a retired Navy Photographer’s Mate who worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence like her husband Gerald ‘Jerry’ Moran who was killed on 9/11 at the Pentagon.  The Moran’s treated me like family when I was a young sailor in Sicily.  They had this wonderful home on a cliff just south of Catania overlooking a small private beach they shared with a neighbor where many weekends were spent on the patio for cheese and wine.  They loved each other very much, you could feel it every day you were around them. Jerry was an exceptional chef, who loved to cook Italian for everyone while Joey was the ever-smiling host. I remember Jerry, Shannon and Dane keep an eye on me while I was out surfing huge waves near Siracusa. Joey ran the photo lab at Sigonella while Jerry worked at the base exchange. They took care of every combat camera detachment that came through their area and any Photomate that needed assistance. Jerry survived the barracks bombing during the Beirut conflict while working as a combat cameraman, but fate caught up with him at the Pentagon on that dreaded September 11th day. But now we’ve lost them both, survived by their children Shannon and Dane.
Written by Johnny Bivera