NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NAVY PHOTOGRAPHY GENERAL MEETING NOTES 30 SEPTEMBER 2016 1.    The meeting was called to order by the President, Jerry Billings at 11:05. 2.    The Pledge to Allegiance was given. 3.    Minutes of the last General Meeting were read and on motion approved. 4.    The Secretary/Treasurer read the Financial Report.  As of 10 September, 2016 there was a balance of $8,496.75 in the Association Checking Account and $18,092.67 in the Association Savings account both of which are deposited in the Navy Federal Credit Union. 5.    Unfinished Business: a.    The Secretary/Treasurer announced that the IRS Non-Profit issue with the Association had been settled and we are once again in good standing as a Non-Profit Organization. 6.    New Business: a.   […]

LCDR Sam Sorenson celebrated his 100th Birthday

A pioneering member of our Navy Photography community, LCDR Sam Sorenson celebrated his 100th Birthday this last weekend. John Lewin, a good friend of his, presented a few things from our community to him. Happy Birthday Sam! Here is Sam’s Bio…. Sam Sorenson was born May 20, 1916. He graduated from Brigham Young University in 1938 with a BA in Speech and Drama. He went to Hollywood to become an actor, and by chance heard a Navy LT speaking on the merits of Navy service. Impressed, Sam decided to join the Navy in January 1941, assigned to Corpus Christi, TX where powers to be determined that since he was from Hollywood, he would be a good OIC of the photo […]

Approved 2016 Bylaw

Article 1 – Name Article II – Powers and Constraints Article III – Membership Article IV – Dues Article V – Officers Article VI – Board of Directors Article VII – Elections Article VIII – Duties of Officers Article IX – Standing Committees Article X – Meetings & Awards Article XI – Parliamentary Authority Article XII – Dissolution Article XIII – Effective Date & Amendments Article XIV – Regional Chapters NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NAVAL PHOTOGRAPHY CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS–PREAMBLE –The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NAVAL PHOTOGRAPHY was formed by and for persons associated at any time withNAVAL PHOTOGRAPHY. We associate ourselves together for the following purposes: To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. To support a strong […]

Congratulations to our new leadership team!

President: Jerry Billings 1st VP: Nora Filos 2nd VP: Sammy Solt Treasurer/Secretary: John White Executive Director: John Hudson Executive Director: Art Jorgensen Executive Director: Marilyn Lynch Life Time Director: Tim Timmerman Appointed Positions: Database Managers: Ralph Lewis and Todd Beveridge WebMaster: Mickey Strand Merchandise: Greg MeCreash Communications: Johnny Bivera Newsletter Chair: Jennifer Miller Historian: Art Giberson Historian: Todd Beveridge