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Secretary/Treasurer: Mr. Samuel Trice. Samuel graduated from The Naval Schools of Photography in 1958 and served 10 years and was discharged as First Class Photographer’s Mate. His tours included: Naval Special Weapons Facility at Kirtland, NM, MCB-5, and NAS Brunswick, ME. After his Naval Service, he attended college under the GI Bill and earned his MBA in Taxation. He is a semi-retired CPA living in Los Angeles and his hobbies include salmon fishing in Alaska and sampling his favorite beers in Germany. *
2nd Vice President: Wesley Gibson. Wes served as a Photographer’s Mate for 20 years after attending The Naval Schools of Photography in 1980 and retired as a Chief Photographer’s Mate in 2000. His duty stations include: USS INEPENDENCE (CV-62); Instructor Duty at the schoolhouse (1983-89); Quality Control Student at RIT; USS ACADIA (AD-42) during Desert Shield and Desert Storm; SUB Base, Bangor, WA; USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN-71); and Atlantic Fleet Combat Camera. He then worked as a service manager for 15 years at a business technology company before retiring from there in 2015. Wes is involved in the developing “59 Veterans Project” that helps returning service men and women start exciting careers in the video production field. Wes currently resides in Rockford, Illinois and he soon plans to downsize his home and become a full time traveler in his 5th wheel while documenting his excursions around North America with his fiancée, Tammy. *
Board Director: Todd Pendelton. Todd Enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1985. After graduating from the Naval Schools of Photography, he was assigned to the USS RANGER in the main photo lab and later to the CVIC lab. He completed EH-38 “C” school and returned back to the RANGER where he then served as the POIC of CVIC until his discharge in 1990 as a Photographer’s Mate Second Class. He was then employed as a photographer for a U.S. government contractor at the Visual Information Center at Chanute Air Force Base, Illinois. He then worked at a commercial photo lab in Davenport, Iowa where he accomplished all specialized color and B&W processing/printing. Todd enlisted in the Naval Reserves in 1996 and served in two assignments before he transferred to the 182nd Airlift Wing of the Illinois National Guard. He then accepted a full-time position as a civilian Audiovisual Production Specialist, serving as the VI Manager. As a result of the Air Force’s merger of VI and PA, Todd became the Superintendent of Public Affairs and is serving in that role today. He resides with his wife, Michelle in Sparland, Illinois. *

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    1. Jack, I do not see a vote from you in the database today. I know the selection circles look a bit odd on some various browsers so if you can just select the word yes or no that works also. Then finish with submit button on the bottom. You have to put your name and email so we can track the vote. If this still does not work I will take this comment as your vote.

    1. Sidney, Your vote was accepted each time you pressed send. You have been counted, the page is working. Thank you. THe page clears and posts that your vote has been counted at the top of the new page.

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