Ballot Closed

After you press submit the top of the page will read “Your form was successfully submitted

Please only vote once.  Depending on your computer you might have to press the words Yes or No vice the buttons.

[Form id=”9″]

8 thoughts on “NANP ELECTION BALLOTS FOR 2018

    1. Jack, I do not see a vote from you in the database today. I know the selection circles look a bit odd on some various browsers so if you can just select the word yes or no that works also. Then finish with submit button on the bottom. You have to put your name and email so we can track the vote. If this still does not work I will take this comment as your vote.

    1. Sidney, Your vote was accepted each time you pressed send. You have been counted, the page is working. Thank you. THe page clears and posts that your vote has been counted at the top of the new page.

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